Brand new Personal Envy because Multidimensional Make: A survey towards Italian Short Version of brand new Multidimensional Jealousy Scale

Brand new Personal Envy because Multidimensional Make: A survey towards Italian Short Version of brand new Multidimensional Jealousy Scale


Intimate envy is actually a complex make composed of several dimensions. Given the multidimensional character from romantic jealousy, it could be advantageous to enjoys a description level that would account for its several elements.


Brand new seeks of expose data were to supply the Italian adaptation of one’s Short Version of brand new alua beoordelingen Multidimensional Envy Size (SF-MJS – Elphinson, Feeney & Noller, 2011) verifying its factorial build, accuracy, and you may predictive authenticity. Eventually, sex variations in the newest forest chief proportions of close envy- cognitive, emotional and behavioural- were looked.


361 participants (168 men and you may 193 lady), old 20 to 40 (Yards = ; SD = 4.99) was hired. An excellent confirmatory factor analyses (CFA) was performed to evaluate the new multidimensional construction of your measure. Cronbach’s leader coefficient was used to verify brand new reliability. The latest predictive authenticity try analyzed exploring associations anywhere between some other dimensions of the fresh romantic jealousy and you will vulnerable intimate attachment. Multivariate study from difference (MANOVA) is accompanied so you’re able to make certain sex variations.


Confirmatory basis analyses verified the 3-factor design, supporting the presence ones collection of latent constructs, determining intellectual, mental and behavioural elements of romantic envy. The interior surface coefficients have been sufficient for all the three items of one’s scale, and you may varied out-of .80 to help you .85. Uniform proof supported the predictive legitimacy of your own ISF-MJS. Tall gender distinctions have been inserted.


The fresh new ISF-MJS constitutes an established device having measuring close envy throughout the Italian framework. Limits, benefits, and further growth of today’s studies try discussed.


Envy signifies probably one of the most effective behavioural motives during life. It’s a beneficial universal emotional effect that occurs throughout intimate relationship, in addition to people who have moms and dads, siblings, relatives, close couples, and the like. In this post we explore a particular form of envy, which is the one that takes place in personal relationships.

White defined personal envy given that “an adaptive and complex psychological believe that observe – having thoughts, actions and you may thoughts – risks so you’re able to thinking-regard or even to the new lifestyle (or high quality) of relationships. Those people dangers is actually generated by perception off a bona fide otherwise prospective personal attraction ranging from a person’s companion and you may good (perhaps imaginary) rival” [ step 1, p . 296]. In reality, jealousy is elicited from the a comparatively few common or painful communications-transform. For example, particular article writers verified one food or ingesting which have anyone is likely to evoke envy more than way more dramatic much less preferred things, particularly stepping into intercourse, People hypothesize this particular is basically because people have a look at commensality as the an interaction that involves a combination of actual and you can psychological exchanges [ 2 ].

Moreover, broadening towards the Lazarus and you may colleagues’ work at dealing processes [ step 3 , 4 ], White claims one envy try an intricate feelings one starts in mental and cognitive process associated with the new investigations regarding a threat effect. Step one of research is generated on the an appartment out-of Number one Assessment details (PAs) that can influence anyone impact in regards to the a genuine or imaginary risk in order to notice-value or even new lifestyle or quality of a love. Additional Appraisal variables (SAs) are dealing processes applied to attenuate the dangers, such as for example mental responses (ERs) in envy. Such responses is characterized by multiple negative attitude, such as for instance anger, despair and you can fear, and to more states from perception, like guilt, nervousness, resentment, and even guilt [ 5 , six ]. The very last step-in the complete techniques is the enactment out-of Coping Habits (CBs) that lead to the final result [ step one ]. Put differently, Light showcased the new multidimensionality of your own personal envy create due to the fact composed by around three head proportions, psychological, cognitive, and you may behavioral, that happen to be then confirmed by the most other writers [ seven – 9 ].